Annual Action Plan - 2018-19

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Dragon Fruit

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Ø  Allocated Budget for the year 2018-19 is Rs. 100.00 cr.

Ø  It covers the components to be implemented which are not covered under MIDH & RKVY for Horticulture production improvement in the State.

Ø  Under State Development Plan innovative/GAP and new technologies are being implemented by providing 50% subsidy. The activities such as

1.      Introduction of new crops like Dragon Fruit, Thai Guava, Pepper, Pine Apple etc.

2.      Innovative practices like  Grow covers & Anti grid insect net

3.      New technologies like ultra high density planting and multipurpose permanent pendals and multiple cropping.

Ø  New machinery/Post harvest technology like Arecanut de husking machine, Arecanut leaf plate making machines etc which are not covered under RKVY and MIDH for improving Value Addition are being included under State Plan.  

Ø  As a part of productivity improvement, Rejuvenation of the fruit crops is being taken up.

Ø  Crops which are not covered under RKVY and MIDH like Loose flowers, Root and tuber crops are encouraged under the scheme by providing the subsidy @ 40%.

Ø  Plastic crates, Poly sheets and Tarpaulin sheets are being provided with subsidy under State Development Plan which helps the SF/MF farmers to reduce the Post Harvest loses and helps in getting better quality produce.

Ø  Additional top up subsidy of 25% of the unit cost for approved components for SC & ST farmers is being provided under State Plan apart from regular eligible subsidy from MIDH and RKVY.


·   APIIATP project is implemented through the Water Resources Department as a nodal agency from the World Bank funds.

·    The total project period is 6 years from 2017-18 to 2022-23.

·    This is project will be implemented near the Tank ayacut area in all the 12 Districts of Andhra Pradesh except Guntur.  

·    Budget Estimates for the year 2018-19 was furnished to the State Project Director, Water Resources Department is Rs. 4208.24 lakhs. Out of that an outlay under Production Plan is Rs. 2500.05 lakhs and under Agribusiness Plan is Rs. 1708.19 lakhs.   

·    The subsidy proposed for the components is 75% of the unit cost.      

The components under Production Plan are

  • Area Expansion

  • Protected Cultivation

  • Rejuvenation

  • Canopy Management

  • Adoption of Water Soluble fertilizers

  • ICM & INM

  • Permanent Pendals

  • Capacity building (Trainings and Exposure visits)

    The components proposed under Agribusiness Plan are

    • Supporting Formation and Strengthening of FPOs

    • Post Harvest Management/Agri business model Implementation for Horticulture crops)  

      i.  Rural Markets and Apni mandies

      ii. Integrated Pack House

      iii.Low cost Onion/Other Produce storage structure (25MTs)

      iv. Refer vans (1 to 6 Tons)

      v. Mobile Pre cooling unit.

      vi. Evaporative low energy cool chamber 8 MTs capacity.

      This project will be implemented as per the guidelines of MIDH/RKVY.


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